Camp Ella Bishop
Lexington, Ky
Dec 25th 1862

Dear Brother

A merry Christmas to you,

Your kind letter of the 20th was received this evening and read with interest. I was glad to hear from you and also to get thos stamps.

I am still in good health and so is all that you know here.

The most of the boys in reg't that have not had measeles have taken them but I guess they are as "fraid" of me as I was of them. One boy of our mess by the name of A. Simmons took them Monday night on guard and it raining but he happened to near the hospital and they just took him in. There was several spies found in old morgans house in town here on last sabbath evening and it was reported to the officer of the day about 9 o'clock and by eleven the 18 Michigan reg't was standing guard around the whole town with orders not to alow any persons whatever to leave and the chaps taken care of and about 1 o'clock the comisary in town was set on fire and immense amount of provision and forage destroyed. I just wish it had burnt the whole town when it had gone that far.

I guess they thought that Morgan had come for his christmas dinner as he had said but I guess he was not there. We stood guard around the town till tuesday noon and then were all taken of and let what they had not found escape. Luther there is but little chance for any one to get a furlough and I dont expect to get home till the war is over. which will likely be a good while yet unless I get command. There was one from each company went home to recruit and Jas Pollack had the most important position in the regiment of any one from about there. He was sargeant major when he left that is next to a Lieut.

Luther you must write often and get so you can write a good letter. yes and Libbie too for I generally let Newt read them. and he lets me read his But write all you can and if there is anything that shouldent know I can keep it. Well, I must close.

Wishing you all a happy New Years and success in my absence generally

I remain

Yours truly

D H Blair

The papers state that the rebbles are advancing into Ky from western Va. but just let them come.

Luther I don't know what to send you for a new years gift unless it is a gun cap I suppose you never saw one

Lizzie Jane

As you only went through the form of writing (as you said) I dont know as I can do much more in reply.

we have had a prety merry christmas today and it made me think of home

We had a brass band in camp which almost charms one that has not heard any such musick for 5 or 6 month and we had several darkies with their fiddles. and the boys danced and played ball and pitche horse shoes etc. etc. all day and the sutler gave a treat of a barrell of apples to each Co in the morning and the officers gave us all the oysters and fresh sausage we could eat for supper so if old Humphry Marshall comes in tonight or in the morning we will be able to attend to him There is one good thing for christmas they would not allow any whiskey sold in town for a few days If the boys could have got whiskey there would have been some confusion

It has been warm enough here for a few days to go without a coat on it is not as cold here as it is there

I have not heard from Johns and Martin since we came here I have written 2 or 3 letters to them and I guess I will quit if they don't write

Libbie I told you some time ago that I wanted your picture and you never said anything about. I will send you some money when we get paid and then I want it I must wind up and conclude. Give my regards to all the friends and write soon

yours truly

D H Blair